At Sankofa Impact a core value and component of our organization is providing our community with the opportunity for place-based learning experiences. Learning about our shared history is powerful and healing, especially when we are able to be in the places where history was made.

Place-based learning is an educational method of connecting with the physical spaces where history occurred. Sankofa Impact offers various methods of place-based learning through our virtual programs and our in-person Pilgrimage to the South. Our approach to place-based learning is intentional and carefully crafted to provide our participants a transformative experience during our Pilgrimage to the South and our virtual programs.

It is with our community in mind that we proudly present a new addition to our website: a resource page dedicated to place-based learning. Our Resources by Location page offers our community a way to locate cities, sites, restaurants, key community figures, and more. This resource list was made intentionally for our community to have a starting point for place-based learning. Additionally, the resource list features sites that Sankofa Impact often visits on our Pilgrimage to the South.