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Two weeks after we returned to Seattle from our Spring 2020 Pilgrimage to the South, our community went into quarantine. The global pandemic has been an immense challenge for so many and yet, it has offered us a chance to re-imagine how we offer programming.

Sankofa Impact is proud to partner with companies, institutions, and organizations to offer a series of unique workshops intended to increase awareness of historical events that have defined and perpetuated systemic racism in the United States. Virtual pilgrimages take participants to locations which create historical context, provide opportunities for participants to self-reflect and dialogue, and explore ideas on how to take action and make meaningful contributions.

While virtual pilgrimages may have manifested during this complicated time, we are embracing the opportunity to spend time with a wide range of participants that might otherwise not have the opportunity to travel with us to the South. We look forward to working with you.

For more information on Virtual Pilgrimages, please send us a message.

    Virtual Pilgrimage Partners