In the United States, June signals the start of Pride month, a period of celebration, happiness, and unabashed authenticity as LGBTQIA+ individuals embrace their true selves. Alongside the festivities, this time honors the tradition of protest, echoing the resilience of Queer pioneers such as Marsha P. Johnson. These protests shine a light on the ongoing challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, carrying forward the fight for a society that is safer, more inclusive, and accepting for all.

Around the world, Queer Pride faces a lot of challenges. In many countries, cis-heteronormativity is demanded, as folks who identify as LGBTQIA+ are relegated into silence for fear of their safety and lives. Anti-LGBTQIA+ laws criminalize sexuality and force conformity on their citizens. In countries like Uganda, Russia, and elsewhere, the laws are severe. Individuals suspected of being queer face the risk of arrest, physical harm, violence, or even death.

Globally, over a hundred countries will be holding Pride parades and protests. These demonstrations are an important part of continuing the legacy of resistance against harmful policies and laws.  Both in the United States and internationally, the journey towards collective liberation continues as we take time to celebrate our victories and strategize for a more inclusive future.