Kate Lafayette
Kate sharing the importance of remembering the principles.

Dr. Bernard Lafayette and Kate Lafayette came to Seattle and spent time with the Project Pilgrimage community recently. They taught us how to implement nonviolence, and the principles of nonviolence, stressing that this practice is something everyone can learn.

In this workshop, we looked at how the ideas of nonviolence can be applied personal, professional, and politically in our own lives. Hearing the Lafayette’s share their incredible stories empowered us and inspired deep, meaningful conversations on the applications of nonviolence in the modern age.

From mock conflict resolution with coffee shop cutters, to Bernard recalling protecting his would be assassin, both days were filled with amazing moments. We all discussed, sang, and clapped (as well as two barkers) along to make the workshop a resounding success.

Thank you to all who attended and shared your stories. Thank you to UCC for hosting the event and thank you to the Lafayette’s for leading us all in this workshop. If you would like more glimpses into the nonviolence workshop click¬†here.