CHOOSE 180 and Sankofa Impact are proud to announce a unique partnered Pilgrimage to the South. This Fall, the Sankofa Impact team will lead twenty CHOOSE 180 team members to places like New Orleans, Memphis, Montgomery, and Atlanta. Along the way, the group will meet with and learn from Civil Rights foot soldiers and activists working in their communities today. 

CHOOSE 180 is a Seattle-based nonprofit which transforms systems of injustice and supports the young people who are too often impacted by these systems. The team combines immediate support for young people with restorative programs that provide resources for continued healing. The vital work being done by CHOOSE 180 in the Puget Sound region speaks to the history of racism and resistance in all regions of this country that often lead directly to harmful outcomes for young people. Sankofa Impact seeks to illuminate our shared history, from the American South to the Pacific Northwest and bring about a world of collective liberation. 

This partnership will create spaces for immersive experiences in places where history happened. The work of both organizations align with the long arc of freedom that includes many ordinary and extraordinary people. This trip will impact the work of the CHOOSE 180 team and the young people and families they serve. We could not be more proud of this partnership. Members of the Seattle Seahawks and Converge Media will join us to learn and document our experience in the American South.

Be on the lookout for images, narratives, and more from this inspiring partnership between two Black-led, Seattle-based organizations—CHOOSE 180 and Sankofa Impact. Follow along with the #SankofaImpact hashtag and follow CHOOSE 180 and Sankofa Impact on social channels.